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PDF -> data sentence


PDF parsing solves the automatic extraction of all data from the bank statement.

The authenticity of the statement is checked.
Fraud transaction control
Extraction into a data block for further processing
Very easy integrations
Checking the continuity of three consecutive bank statements

ID cards -> data sentence

STid modul

This module uses image recognition technology to machine read the data contained in the photo of the identity card

Pull out the basic identification data of the person
Detect selfie, estimate age, determine mood
Output in a format suitable for subsequent machining

BANK account -> data sentence

PSD2 parsing

We have a solution for viewing the Banks account using via one API.

- Find out the complete transaction history of the customer
- Easy service integration
- Up to 90 days possibility to view the account
- Output ready for tagging and scoring

Data sentence –> tags and labeling of transaction

Tags of transaction

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Automatic send money to customers


PayMaker is a fully automated module for sending payments, which contains:
- fully unattended walk-in payments
- duplicate control
- reporting tools
- comparison of all executed payments with data in the ERP system

Advantages of the module
- zero implementation costs
- without manually entering verification SMS into internet / mobile banking
- annual savings over CZK 960,000 (no staff needed)
- error elimination (# human factor)
- the fastest process for sending payments
- 24/7/365 service availability
- setting the maximum possible amount sent